Bishop Veorah B. Davis

In 1970, Bishop Veorah B. Davis was attending noon day prayer seeking God for direction in her life. The late Mother Bratcher was the leader of noon day prayer on that day. After attending the prayer meetings on a daily basis, Bishop Davis received the baptism of the Holy Ghost while in the privacy of her home. She took her salvation and deliverance very seriously. Bishop Davis, along with Apostle Bennie L. Kelly, would leave work at Burlington Industries and go out to evangelize the lost. They were expecting and believing God to work miracles as they prayed when visiting people in their homes and in hospitals. Their new-found faith in the Lord Jesus caused an enthusiasm and desire to do all they knew to build the kingdom of God.

Early in the 1970’s, both Apostle Kelly and Bishop Davis, were called to preach and carry the “good news” of Jesus Christ everywhere. Apostle Kelly became an evangelist and Bishop Davis became a minister. A prayer band was soon formed and they went from house to house to pray while reading scriptures inspired by the Holy Ghost. The prayer band began to increase rapidly and it attracted a lot of young people who were searching for a meaningful relationship with the Lord. It later became known as the Revival Team. God blessed in a miraculous way! Apostle Kelly and Bishop Davis began conducting revivals on a weekly basis. They traveled all over North Carolina preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many souls were brought to Christ, delivered, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Bishop Davis was later ordained as an Elder. In 1980, God stirred the heart of Bishop Davis to go to Lillington, NC. Mother McDougald was calling for prayer over the sick people in the community. Some were dying because of a lack of faith that was not being taught. Bishop Davis realized that many of the people that she encountered needed to be taught more on faith. Their lack of faith led to poverty, sickness, and disease. Bishop Davis was committed to teaching faith and deliverance as well as leading the people to salvation in order to know Jesus as Lord. Bishop Davis established Faith Deliverance Temple in September of 1980. She traveled by faith along NC Highway 87 to Lillington in her twelve passenger van accompanied by her five year old grandson, Demetrius L. Hollingsworth. Membership was small but it began to increase.

Bishop Davis was committed to humbly serving and leading the flock that God had placed in her heart. One of her favorite themes was, "Others, Lord others, this is my motto…that I may live for others. That I may be more like thee!"