Church History

Faith Deliverance Temple began with humble beginnings in a section of Norrington, NC, in an old building called the "Barn", which was formerly an old nightclub. Bishop Veorah B. Davis along with a few others cleaned and prepared the building for its first morning worship on the first Sunday in September of 1980.

She made it her mission to teach the people how to have faith and trust in the Lord Jesus. Bishop Davis traveled by faith on NC Highway 87 in a twelve passenger van accompanied by her then five year old grandson, Demetrius L. Hollingsworth, who is the premier drummer of the church. There she would meet Mother Annie Margaret McDougald, one of the first members to attend the morning worship service. Mother McDougald knew of someone who had eight children and she would often pick them up to attend church. Sister Janice McDougald and her children became regular members.

Bishop Davis heard the call of God to depart Norrington and go to the city of Lillington, NC to teach the people faith.  Many were dying in that area because there was a lack of teaching on faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The lack of teaching led to poverty, sickness, and disease.  But prior to relocating to Lillington, the church conducted services in Eastover, NC at Moore’s Chapel Church for a short season. While waiting for construction to be completed at our current site in Lillington on 1766 NC 27 West, Bishop Davis joined services with Miracle Temple Church.

There have been many souls that came through these doors. Quite often, military families both married and single would join Faith Temple and make this their church home. Many would come to accept the Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Bishop Davis would passionately preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and teach them the word of faith.

Bishop Davis was committed to humbly serving and leading the flock that God placed under her leadership.  Her theme and favorite saying was, “Others, Lord others, this is my motto…that I may live for others. That I may be more like thee.”

In 2004, Bishop Davis was consecrated Senior Bishop in the Holy Deliverance Church of God, International, Foundation of Truth Inc.